School bus incident brings awareness to safety issues

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- Across the nation, there've been a number of deaths and injuries at the hands of reckless drivers disregarding school bus safety signs.

In Indiana, three children died due to a driver who neglected the school bus stop arm.

Bus drivers in Laredo have seen the same disregard for child safety depicted on a daily basis.

A recent video circulating on social media shows a Laredo student attempting to cross the street and the school bus putting out its signal arm, with many drivers failing to stop.

School bus amber lights are an indication that the bus is coming to a stop, and when the stop arm extends and the lights go red that tells drivers on either side that they need to come to a complete stop.

If a serious situation were to come about with a driver hitting a student UISD school bus' are equipped with dash cameras that'll help in identifying the vehicle at fault.

Disregarding school bus stop signals is a misdemeanor traffic offense. And if a driver were to cause an injury or death it'll be considered a felony.

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