Laredo man in custody after officials find undocumented immigrants in big rig

SAN ANTONIO, TX (NBC) - A man from Laredo is arrested after more than 50 undocumented immigrants were found inside a big rig on Tuesday night.

According to the Department of Homeland Security 36-year-old Gerardo Carreon from Laredo was arrested in the case and is expected to be charged with human smuggling violations.

The San Antonio Fire Chief says 54 people were found inside the truck, some of which were minors.

Five were transported to the hospital for injuries they sustained as they were attempting to run out of the truck.

Authorities say everyone in the back of the truck had bottles of water and no one appeared to be suffering from dehydration.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and San Antonio law enforcement was on the scene but it is not clear who was first.

Officials from a non-profit agency that provides legal services for refugees and undocumented immigrants arrived to offer their assistance.

Shane Folden with the Department of Homeland Security says, “We were called by a local law enforcement. When these incidents occur it’s very easy to make decisions on the spot. Law enforcement are required is many times a day to make these on the spot judgement calls.”

The group was taken into Homeland Security custody.