Old tradition of cruising shut down by Laredo Police

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A weekend tradition is trying to make a comeback in the Gateway City.

The Laredo Police Department is issuing a warning for those who are looking to relive the glory days of cruising down San Bernardo.

An open social media event brought many Laredoans to San Bernardo Avenue Sunday for a night of cruising.

According to the admin of the page, Sanber Cruises ended about a decade ago; however, they were looking to bring the community closer.

As hundreds gathered around the area, police had to step in, resulting in them shutting down the event.

According to the Laredo Police Department, the Sanber Cruising, much like the one that was seen Sunday night, disrupts the flow of traffic and businesses that are still open during that hour.

Investigator Joe Baeza with the police department says if there’s an emergency vehicle that needs to pass through during that time, they might have a difficult time in doing so.

Businesses say they don’t miss the cruising days because usually the next morning, the area is full of trash and people who do not clean up after themselves, so this creates several of problems for the community.

Baeza adds that the cruising event was a huge deployment of police man power and an enormous resource drainer to deploy people to make sure they are complying with the laws.

Police say if organizers are interested in putting on a cruising event, they must obtain the proper permits and receive approval from LPD first.

The Laredo Police Department says no arrest were made; however, they will continue disrupting the cruising unless organizers go through the proper process.