Sensitivity training for city officials helps those with disabilities

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 5:11 PM CST
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2020 is looking a lot brighter for people with disabilities as a local committee continues to seek out ways to improve their quality of life.

Wednesday morning, the Blue Ribbon Committee for people with disabilities got together so they could go over their priorities for the new year.

The committee chairman Daniel Castillon says their goal is to continue with their sensitivity training for employers, which teaches them how to work with people who have disabilities.

He says the City of Laredo has been on board with the concept and even the men and women in blue have learned a thing or two from the training.

"Police are sometimes the first responders and sometimes they deal with individuals with developmental disabilities, or disabilities of any kind, and so it's important that they know how to react and recognize that it's critical they change their approach based on their observations of that individual."

The committee is also working to get more people with disabilities hired as well as creating more public awareness about this.

They continue to look at other areas where they need to increase their efforts and energy.

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