Sheriff’s Office: Someone has been posing as Sheriff Cuellar online

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - The Webb County Sheriff’s Office wants to advise the public about a false online social media account that claims to be affiliated with its department.

According to the sheriff’s office, someone has created a false Instagram account in Sheriff Martin Cuellar’s name.

Officials say there have been reports of the admin of the account asking for personal information, and even money.

Sheriff’ Cuellar says, “I'm asking the public out there to be careful. Look at the content of the message they're sending. And in the particular instance of mine, they are asking for money.”

The sheriff says his cybercrime unit is currently investigating the case.

The sheriff’s office is advising the public to not fall victim to this online scam and if anyone comes in contact with the account to disregard it immediately.

Sheriff Cuellar says that he will prosecute anyone involved in this scheme to the fullest extent of the law.