Slight Shower Chance Sunday

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Laredo The warmest air aloft has temporarily shifted a little to our west. This has allowed air lifted from the surface to have a better chance of remaining warmer/less dense than surrounding air as it rises. This has allowed for somewhat taller clouds to form with the heat of the day. A few of the clouds briefly grow tall enough to produce short lived, very isolated dots of showers. Any rain is not meaningful in amount. We likely will see the same Thursday. Most locations will simply see the cumulus clouds in the skies. By Sunday, an upper level disturbance may move close enough to our area to bring slight shower chances, and again on Monday. It is still too early to assign a high probability to the shower chances.

I'm expecting humid tonight, becoming mainly clear, low in the high 70's. Partly cloudy Thursday, tiny isolated dots of showers possible again, highs a little above 100. Mostly sunny Friday and Saturday, high around 103. Partly cloudy Sunday and Monday with a slight chance of showers, highs around or a little above 100. Partly cloudy Tuesday and Wednesday,, highs around 100.