Going green, by adding solar panels

Published: Apr. 5, 2018 at 1:21 PM CDT
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After more than a decade of research, Dr. Reynaldo Godines decided to make changes in his life that will in turn improve our environment.

Dr. Godines started with improvements to his health and transportation and then to his own business.

Dr. Godines owns the majority of Northtown Professional Plaza and he has decided to go green by adding more than 1,000 solar panels to the roof of the building.

The business owner says it’s a move that so far has proven to be rewarding, with at least 40 percent decrease to their electric bills.

Dr. Godines says, "I recommend that everybody who wants to make an improvement in their own building. This enhances the value of the building, it improves their building, and it makes sense. So it's a win, win for anybody who has a house or commercial building."

The panels are expected to last more than 40 years and will save them more than 1.25 million dollars over the lifetime of the system.

Dr. Godines says he’s advocating with the McPherson Medical Center to follow in their footsteps and go solar.

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