South Texas girl hit by car while getting on school bus

(KGBT) - Authorities in south Texas are on the lookout for the driver who allegedly hit a nine-year-old girl while she was trying to get on a school bus.

The incident happened on Thursday morning at a Mission, Texas neighborhood.

Witnesses say the girl took two steps when the driver of a white Nissan struck her, slammed the brakes and then took off.

The girl who neighbors car Valeria was transported to a McAllen hospital; meanwhile, the driver responsible for the accident remains at large.

The girl's father says he wishes the buses would pick up kids on their side of the street instead of having them cross.

Both parents say their street is very dangerous because cars are always speeding the area.

Counselors at Zapata Elementary School say they will be providing counseling services to those affected by this tragic event.

Meanwhile, authorities are on the lookout for the white Nissan and the driver believed to be in his 30s.

The girl is currently in stable condition.

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