Can students celebrate Halloween at school?

Published: Oct. 30, 2017 at 2:38 PM CDT
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Local students who attend LISD and UISD will be able to wear a costume to school but there is a catch.

In order to ensure the students safety, both districts are regulating what students can and cannot bring.

Representatives for UISD say they are not observing tomorrow as Halloween, but rather a celebration of fall.

Only elementary school students can wear a costume that ties into a specific fall activity.

For LISD, only elementary students will be able to wear costumes.

Both districts say that although some students are allowed to wear costumes, parents must make sure they follow the guidelines.

Both districts say that if students are found not following their guidelines they will be asked to change.

Middle and high school students will not be allowed costumes with the exception of UISD high school senior classes since they are celebrating spirit week.