UISD responds to allegations of students dressing in blackface

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - UISD is facing criticism by many from the community after several high school students dressed for senior week in costumes that are being called racist and insensitive.

Several photos began to circulate on social media showing United High School students dressed up as Hitler, the Jackson Five, and rapper Kodak Black.

The pictures were shared and seen by dozens of people on social media.

Many alleged that the costumes were racist and inappropriate for school.

UISD says it was never the intent of their students to offend anyone.

In a statement, the district says “UISD and United High School does not condone the depiction of characters that may be deemed offensive or hurtful to anyone”.

Gloria Rendon from UISD says she’s not sure at what time the pictures were taken, but says administrators asked students with blackface make up to take it off.

Rendon also says they are reviewing their guidelines for Senior Week and will make changes to ensure this does not happen again.

The district says it would also like to ask for parents to help and stop students from leaving the house if they are dressed with a costume that could be deemed offensive.