TAMIU professor recieves special classroom guest

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 9:55 PM CST
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A kind gesture from a TAMIU professor goes viral after one of his students is left without a babysitter minutes before class starts.

Lecturing in front of students of all ages is something TAMIU professor Doctor Andrew Hazelton is used to, but recently one classroom guest stood out.

"He told me before if I ever had emergency I was more than welcome to bring him."

Lilibeth Prince is not only a TAMIU student but also a mother and a wife.

One day she found herself in a bit of a situation. She had no one to take care of her one year old son Caleb while she went to class, so she called her professor Dr. Hazelton to ask for a very special permission.

"It's a burden that falls particularly with our female students, their academic success is compromised by the scheduling demand they have," said Dr. Hazelton. "I had previously told her before if she ever had a childcare problem and if she found herself between not coming to class or bringing him to class, to absolutely bring him."

Lilibeth takes two courses with Dr. Hazelton back to back, so that meant Caleb would have to sit through two hours of lecture.

"I don't want my baby to disrupt, but there are emergencies."

Lilibeth say the first hour of class was all fine. Caleb mostly napped, but then as toddlers do, he woke up full of energy.

"I know the stress of having people looking over at a child and I wanted to take that stress off of her."

A father too, Dr. Hazelton stepped in asking if he could carry Caleb while he lectured. That moment of a parent helping a fellow parent was captured in a picture.

"My friend told me look at this picture of Dr. Hazelton with the baby, but I didn't know who was going to share it."

That picture was shared on Facebook and TAMIU's student network page, and soon it was more than just students seeing the picture.

"A colleague texted me telling me, 'you're going viral!'"

Within a couple hours hundreds of people shared the picture, praising Dr. Hazelton for his gesture.

"I was overwhelmed with all the kind comments."

People continue to share the picture but both Lilibeth and Dr. Hazelton hope people take more away from it.

"It's for the students, our students need as much assistance as we can provide."

Dr. Hazelton says this isn't the first time he's allowed students to bring their kids to class. He adds he's hosted newborns to kids of all ages.

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