Teacher association comments on "watered down" raises

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A local teachers association is sharing their thoughts on the recent pay raises approved by the state this week.

The Laredo United Texas State Teacher’s Association was pleased to see compensation for teachers green-lighted by the state; however, the organization's president says this year’s raises are different from those approved back in 1982.

President Rene de la Vina says that since the state didn't designate the money specifically to them, the school districts are able to water them down.

He feels that LISD has watered down the pay raise since the state approved $4,000, but they only announced $2,800.

De la Vina says, the school districts are supposed to give $4,000 but it’s not earmarked so the districts can give whatever they want.

He says that if they do not give the full amount, he is going to file a complaint with Governor Greg Abbott.

De la Vina says he will be meeting with superintendents of both school district to get to the bottom of whether or not teachers will get the full $4,000.