The Use Of Social Media Between Teachers And Students

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LAREDO,Texas (KGNS) - Kids nowadays are having more access to social media outlets at a younger age.

This is beginning to raise the question, is it ok for your kid to have their teachers on their page?

Social media is a great way where younger generations can stay in touch and communicate but it's when the lines are crossed where it becomes a problem.

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat can be found on millions of kid's phones.

As part of her duties for the Association of Texas Professionals, Stephanie Jacksis, makes it her mission to inform to always set boundaries.

Jacksis says districts have different polices regarding social media with students.

U.I.S.D. allows communication with students online through approved class pages.

Meanwhile L.I.S.D. police states a teacher can reach out to students on social media platforms but only to matters pertaining to school.

For those teachers who are allowed to reach students on social media, Jacksis says Twitter can be a great tool for students to ask questions and teachers to remind students about homework.

U.I.S.D. only allows text messages to be sent for practice reminders but that is done through a special app.

If you have any questions about the social media policy at your child's district you can find it in the school's policy handbook.

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