Teachers in Colorado return to hot classrooms

Denver, CO (CNN) - What was supposed to be a nice and welcoming return to school is turning into a nightmare for teachers in Colorado.

Lisa Yema is going into her sixth year of teaching at Slavens School. Because of the heat and with classes expected to start, Lisa says her student’s learning environment is being tested.

Yema says she’s already thinking about what she can wear so she can be comfortable during the sweltering heat.

Her classroom is fitted with a window box AC but even with the AC running all day, it still gets as hot as 86 degrees.

While sitting in a sweltering classroom for long periods of time, Lisa is wondering how teachers can create a safe learning environment for their students so they can focus.

One teacher with Merrill Middle School who chose not to identify says classrooms feel like warehouses and are too hot for productive learning.
Yema says this is a call to the district, the school board, parents and the community that they need to work.

There are 60 schools in the Denver Public School District that do not have central AC.