Tenn. man on a scooter pulls gun during road rage incident, deputies say

Police say Ronald Reese blocked an entire road with his scooter and pulled a gun on another driver during a heated exchange. / Source: Roane Co. Sheriff's Office

ROANE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - Deputies in Roane County, Tennessee arrested a man on a scooter after a heated exchange between him and two other pickup truck drivers.

It started when Lendon Hart dropped off a piece of equipment at a job site. As he was leaving the site in his pickup truck, he drove behind Ronald Reese, who was on a scooter.

Hart told deputies that Reese repeatedly hit his brakes until he eventually stopped altogether.

When Hart asked Reese to move, he said Reese started yelling at him, accusing him of tailgating.

Hart said he tried to drive around Reese, but Reese then managed to block the entire roadway with his scooter.

That's when Hart said he got out of the car to confront Reese, and Reese pulled a gun on him.

Another man, Joseph Minge, was coming home about this time and saw the red scooter blocking the roadway in front of a truck. When Minge tried to drive around the scene, he said Reese backed his scooter up into his truck.

Minge pulled off to the side of the road to call deputies.

Deputies arrived and found the scooter sitting across both lanes of the road. They found a handgun in Reese's front pocket loaded with eight rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. They found another magazine loaded with eight rounds in another one of Reese's pockets.

Reese told deputies that Hart hit him with his car, but deputies said they found no evidence of this. They did say the cargo box on Reese's scooter was damaged where he hit Minge's truck.

When asked, Reese said he didn't call deputies because he didn't have signal on his phone. He didn't give a clear answer about why he didn't try to leave the area to get away from Hart or allow Hart to leave.

Reese told deputies he had a right to protect himself, but officers booked him on an aggravated assault charge for display of a deadly weapon.

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