Possible tequila shortage may be nigh

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - Everyone’s favorite Mexican liquor may be experiencing a shortage in the near future.

Tequila might be in a bit of trouble over the next few years.

Tequila is a plant-based spirit which takes seven to eight years to mature.
With the high demand of tequila, producers have had to use the blue agave plant before it has reached full maturity.

The short term solution is causing the shortage which could lead to many bar-goers having to miss on margaritas.

Local chef Maita Fernandez says, “I guess we would try to stock up, and we would also try to maybe use an alternative, which is equally as delicious which would be the Mezcal.

Which is gaining a lot of popularity and it's very delicious. It's still not, as popular as tequila, but it's really good too.

Bartenders and scientists alike are working together to find a solution for the issue while producing the best quality tequila possible.

The shortage is predicted to last until 2021.