Texas State Teacher Association Against Proposed Bill

Published: Feb. 1, 2017 at 9:24 PM CST
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Union supporters and business advocates clash over the use of payroll deductions to collect union dues, as two bills look to do away with payroll deduction.

A legislation in 2015, which would have prohibited most public employees from deducting their union dues from paychecks, died when house democrats blocked it from being heard by a committee.

Two new similar bills filed are now proposing the same.

House bill 510 and senate bill 13 would prohibit most public employees from being able to pay association or union dues through payroll deduction.

Most unionized government employees are against the bill, including many teachers.

Ernest Davila with Texas State Teacher Association in Laredo says the teacher's union, along with other unions have been fighting against the two bills and other similar ones in the past.

Opponents argue that the practice is voluntary and that employee organizations cannot use dues for political contributions, under state law.

Those who support doing away with deductions say that there is a clear conflict of interest between the government and the unions.

Payroll deduction for state employee organization would be allowed to certain firefighters, police officers and emergency medical services personnel with authorization.

These two bills are still in the early stages of review.

Legislation will soon form into committees to review the proposed bills.