Texas assistant district attorney fired after Uber tirade

DALLAS, Texas (CNN) - An Uber driver in the Dallas area says a former prosecutor allegedly hit, belittled and threatened him when he was giving her a ride.

Former Dallas Assistant DA Jody Warner

The attorney was fired after their exchange was caught on tape.

Jody Warner worked as a prosecutor for the DA’s office in Dallas.

Warner was accused of getting into a dispute with an Uber driver.

The driver 26-year-old Shaun Platt told police he picked up Warner outside the Knox-Henderson area pub on Friday.

Platt said Warner was drunk and belligerent and tried to use her job as a means to intimidate him after he refused to give her a ride.

DA Faith Johnson said after reviewing the recording, Warner’s conduct was counter to the departmetn’s core principle of integrity and it will not be tolerated. The prosecutor is out.

Warner recently released an apology during a press conference where she apologized for her actions on that night.