Texas governor candidate Jeffrey Payne visits Laredo

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - One of the candidates running for State governor made a stop in the gateway city over the weekend.

Jeff Payne met with plenty of Laredoans to find out what they would want from their Texas government.

Payne had Saturday brunch with several Laredoans.

The Dallas businessman discussed NAFTA, immigration, healthcare, women’s rights and education.

Payne believes a good leader should address these needs.
Payne says, "Education always seems to be the number one topic, they're also looking at what is going to happen with NAFTA, with Donald Trump at office in DC because he keeps screaming that he wants to do something about NAFTA. Either to do away with it, or totally rework it that remains to be seen and what he's going to do, but I will advocate that NAFTA should stay."

Payne’s next stop is in San Angelo, where he will be holding community forum.