Texas man dies after e-cigarette explosion

FORT WORTH, TX (CNN) - A Texas man is dead after his electronic cigarette exploded while he was using it.

The incident happened last Sunday in a Fort Worth parking lot when 24-year-old William Eric Brown went to the store to buy some vaping supplies.

When William got out of the store, he decided to use his vape pen in his car, which is when it combusted.

The man's grandmother Alice Brown says doctors who tried to save him didn’t realize the extent of his injuries until they did an x-ray and saw a metal object lodged in his neck.

Medical examiners say he died from a stroke caused by a severed artery from a vaporizer pen.

This is believed to be only the second time someone has died in the U.S. from an exploding vape pen.

The first incident happened in St. Petersburg, Florida when a man died after an e-cig blew up on the second floor of his house.

The FDA says the explosions are rare but very dangerous.

The FDA suggests not to overcharge the devices and keep loose batteries in a case to keep them from touching metal objects.