Thirteen-year-old boy escapes abduction in Houston

HOUSTON, TX (CNN) - Police in Houston say a teenage boy was abducted from his school bus stop on Monday, but luckily a good Samaritan stopped and helped the boy who was running from the assailants.

Authorities responded to reports of a missing child on Monday after Zavion Parker never showed up after school.

Parker was found a couple of hours later after a terrifying experience.
As he was walking home from the bus stop Parker says a red truck pulled up and several young men grabbed him and pulled him inside, all while the adult driver cheered them on.

From there, he says he was taken to an abandoned property not too far away full of guns and torture items.

The boy was assaulted, punched, and his phone, shoes and jacket were all taken.

While the group was in one of the rooms, he managed to escape and took off as fast as he could.

That is when driver Carmecia Carmouche saw him running and stopped to ask if he was alight.

Carmouche says, "His face was puffed up, you know. He had scratches, his face was ripped. He had no shoes on. He was drenched. Sweating. Crying."

Carmecia immediately called police and eventually reunited him with his mother safely but she won’t feel at peace until the suspects are caught.
HPD says the driver is described as a white male with a heavy build, reddish-orange hair and tattoos on his arm, one of which had a racial slur.

Parker’s mom, Michelle Lee says “He says the reason why they got him was because they said he was black, he deserved to die. Exactly his words. He said the dad had on a white muscle shirt. You could see , he said it was right here "I hate Black people."

Carmouche and other neighbors say Parker did endure a very traumatic experience.

Out of six suspects five are described as teen boys with reddish hair.
Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.