This Woman Will Give You a Smile With Your Pizza

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BEND, Or. (KTVZ) - A woman in Oregon has been working hard to sell pizza for the last seven years. But her tactic involves a guitar and some sweet moves.

Mary Barackman (Photo Courtesy: NBC)

"Now that's the most honks I've gotten at this time in the morning for a long time, people!," says Mary Barackman.

Everyone, meet Mary.

"The one that dances out here? Oh I love her. Oh it's green, gotta go!" says one customer.

The dancing Little Caesars lady.

"Oh it's great seeing her all the time, it's fantastic. We miss her when she's not there," another customer says.

Mary has been dancing for seven years now. And it all started out of some desperation.

"Put it on the table and didn't give me a chance," Mary said.

She was turned away for multiple jobs because she hadn't worked in a while, until given a chance and a guitar.

"My boss just kind looked at my with this sad look and said 'You know, people can be cruel. You know just do the best you can, pretend you can enjoy it.' And I'm going 'Yeah right, I know I'm going to have a blast,"' Mary said.

And she does have a blast with her job.

"Loving every second," Mary said.

Because for Mary, her fans are also her friends.

"The people have helped me through so much heartache and so much pain just by being there, and that's all you gotta do for people is just be there," Mary said.

And sometimes she helps people through their own heartbreak.

"Hardest thing is not knowing who is going through a death, or something, and I'm out here dancing and they say 'You made my day,' And I'm going 'Are you kidding?'" Mary said.

Spreading joy through her dancing.

"And I'll start going, ya know, dancing," Mary said.

She keeps the community upbeat.

"She's so sweet, she is the cutest thing," one customer says.

...without missing a beat.

So when you drive by, laugh with her and be sure to wave because Mary is out here to make your day better.

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