Three Texas siblings and friend killed in car crash

BASTROP COUNTY, TX (NBC) - Three siblings and a friend were killed over the weekend while traveling to a drill team competition.

The car accident happened on Friday night along Highway-21 in Bastrop County, which is east of Austin.

Officials say the siblings were traveling with their mom and a friend when car was rear-ended.

According to reports, the group was attempting to make a left turn when a truck failed to stop in time.

Video shows the vehicle attempting to stop less than a second before the impact.

The victims have been identified as Michael G. Williams, 17-year-old Tiffany Williams, their 12-year-old little sister and 19-year old Peyton Mackenzie Irwin.

Their mother, who was driving, is currently in a coma at Dell Seton Medical Center.

No word yet if the driver of the truck was cited for the accident.
The investigation remains ongoing.