Three people plead in connection to an eight liner raid

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LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- Three people in connection to an eight liner raid last year, plead guilty.

This case is in connection to illegal gambling activity at the palace amusement center.

Through out the undercover investigation, cash payouts were given for redemption.

The investigation revealed patterns of activity and consistent movement of large amounts of money transferred to and from palace amusement center, AGC transports, two residences and multiple banks.

The owners of this establishment, are identified as 34 year old Andres Gerardo Chavez-Lozano, and 57 year old Alma Davila.

The two used their profits to open two shell gas stations -- used to conceal illegal proceeds generated through the gambling activities.

Chavez Lozano pled guilty to one count of money laundering and agreed to serve a sentence of five years, probated for five

Alma Davila plead guilty to gambling promotion to 11 months, probated for two years.

Nubia Astrid Chavez, an employee of the establishment, was arrested and charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and gambling promotion. She plead guilty to gambling promotion to one year -- probated for two years.