Traffic committee looking to make Laredo more pedestrian friendly

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A Laredo Committee is looking into a long list of initiatives and projects for the future of Laredo Streets.

Alec Martinez is the Bicycle Safety Coordinator who works closely with the Traffic Transportation and Advisory Committee.

He says there are plenty of projects on the horizon that the committee is working on.

Last Friday, the committee submitted a grant to TxDOT to request funding to fix dangerous roads.

Martinez says the city is looking to fix up some of the infrastructures in south Laredo and the Mines Road area.

In two months, they will know if they qualify for a grant, which will help get kids to school safely without having to use a car.

Martinez says “Vision Zero is everybody coming together. We’re going to be having workshops and town halls and meetings with stakeholders. For the next year to look over the data. “

During this process, officials will go over some of the streets and look into why people are getting into car accidents.

Martinez says part of his job is to find out how people can get out of their cars and enjoy the streets in a more safe and convenient way.

The city is also working on a beautification project to help clean up some of the streets.

Next month, electric scooters will be rolling into town for a six-month pilot program which will test its viability.

Some of the early rules are that you cannot ride on a street that is 35 miles per hour or higher, you cannot drop it off anywhere except a bench.

Officials say the scooters will also come with state-of-the-art technology that will atomically stop if you drive beyond a certain point.