Transportation Committee brainstorms solution to reduce accidents

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A busy road has seen more than 200 accidents in the span of only three years.

According to the Transportation Committee, their data shows the accidents that happened between the intersections of Highway 359 into Cuatro Vientos and ending on Mangana Hein.

However, the City had asked the Texas Department of Transportation to look into how they can bring those numbers down.

Through their investigation, the City said that putting up more lights could help prevent accidents that happen at night.

“It is possible but we haven't identified any funding yet,” said Danny Magee, the City of Laredo Traffic Director. “We need to get the cost estimate from Tex-dot to see from where to where and the points of origin for the illumination.”

The project could cost half a million dollars, but that number could be subject to change depending on how many lights are needed to cover the entire Cuatro Vientos area.