UPDATE: Vasquez Sentenced to Life in Prison

Published: Jul. 12, 2016 at 10:13 AM CDT
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Juan Francisco de Luna Vasquez pled guilty on Monday to murdering his wife Angelica Martinez.

After hearing from Vasquez on Wednesday the jury in the case came to a verdict on Thursday.

Took the jury several hours of deliberation, but inside this court room, Juan Francisco de Luna Vasquez, who already pled guilty earlier this week was sentenced to life in prison.

It was an emotional moment for both the victim's family who wore justice for angelica t-shirts and prayed before the verdict as well as for the family of de Luna Vasquez as the judge followed the direction of the jury and sentenced de Luna Vasquez to life in prison.

Before the verdict we spoke to the victim's sister who described the type of abuse that angelica faced leading up to her murder.

"It started with a slap and she had called the cops then it escalated to hitting her. She didn't always call the cops. He would verbally abuse her and physically abuse her", said Julie Deyver.

Coming up at ten, we speak with Angelica's mother about the ruling.

And with the district attorney about what the ruling means for the family and for it's importance in the fight against domestic abuse.

Hear from them at KGNS at Ten. The medical examiner said that Martinez' death was caused by a traumatic blunt force to the head.

The verdict is in for the man who pled guilty in killing his wife in their home last summer. It took jurors a couple of hours to come back with a sentence of life in prison for Juan Francisco de Luna Vasquez. Witnesses took the stand for two days as jurors heard from the victim's family, and de Luna's as well, about the couple's sometimes violent relationship. Tensions were high when de Luna took the stand Wednesday and spoke on the night Martinez was killed. De Luna's sister spoke to KGNS on his behalf, and on the case. Jazmin de luna -francisco de luna sister "All I want is justice for what's going on," says sister Jamin de Luna. "There are bigger reasons and motives why he did that. I am not justifying what he did. There is no justification for that, but there are reasons and motives. All I'm asking is for justice, and he gets what's fair for him." Below is the previous text from this story: New details emerged on Wednesday in the courtroom about the night Angelica Martinez lost her life. Martinez was found dead by a family member in her apartment in July of 2015. Her husband Juan Francisco de Luna who pleaded guilty to killing Martinez , took the stand. The Martinez's family was visibly emotional during sentencing phase, as autopsy pictures were shown in court of how Martinez was killed. The medical examiner says Martinez's death was caused by traumatic blunt force trauma to the head. When de Luna took the stand to testify he went into detail not just about his relationship with Martinez, but also about what lead him to kill his wife. De luna described his relationship with Martinez as on and off and he confessed he went through Martinez's phone and discovered Martinez was seeing someone else. De luna says finding out that information played a part in his actions. He continued to describe how the murder happened, stating he hit her with a hammer after fighting with her. He continues to say he saw her suffering and decide to end her pain and proceeded to choke her. He then says he wrote a letter admitting to the murder and apologizing and left the apartment that night to attempt suicide. Earlier this week the medical examiner testified saying Martinez had received at least five blows. The trail ended for the day around five p.m. closing arguments will begin Thursday morning. The Department of Homeland Security confirmed that Vasquez had been deported previously, four times under different aliases. Emotions ran high as the man who pleaded guilty for killing his wife took the stand Wednesday afternoon. Juan Francisco de Luna Vasquez went into detail with the court of the relationship between his wife, Angelina Martinez, before the murder. Martinez's family was visibly emotional during Wednesday's sentencing phase, as autopsy pictures were shown in court of how Martinez was killed. The medical examiner says Martinez's death was caused by a traumatic blunt force to the head. Martinez's co-workers also took the stand, describing their relationship with the victim. There is no word yet when jurors will come back with a sentence for de Luna. Below is the previous text from this story: In the trial of Juan Francisco de Luna Vasquez, Medical Examiner Dr. Seigfried Pueblitz testified on Martinez's autopsy findings. Pueblitz explained Martinez's cause of death was a traumatic blunt force to the head. He testified she received at least five blows. He went on to say there were pieces of bone embedded in the brain, and this could only be done with an extremely great force to fracture the skull. There were also findings of strangulation from a belt. The next person to testify was Bart Grimes, Martinez' supervisor at the La Salle Regional Detention Center. Grimes said Martinez had a great future ahead of her, and she excelled at work and was always eager to learn more. He stated that some of the coworkers are still dealing with the loss. The victim's sister is on the stand now. She is explaining how Martinez was always a supporter of her achievements, and a great mom. She witnessed several occasions where the couple would end the relationship and get back together. KGNS.tv and KGNS News will have more information as it becomes available. Below is the previous text from this story: The family of Angelica Martinez, the woman killed by her husband last year, relived the chilling moments in court of the 911 call made to police after a family member discovered her body. Juan Francisco de Luna pled guilty Monday afternoon for the murder of Martinez. Now, the punishment phase is underway - where a jury will determine what sentence Vasquez will be facing. Witnesses took the stand on Tuesday, including a friend of Martinez who testified de Luna admitted to killing her. Rosa Maldonado was the 5th witness to take the stand, who witnessed a domestic dispute between de Luna and Martinez. Two LPD officers also testified to a previous DWI charge leading to the arrest of de Luna. LPD Lead Detective Michael Wu is on the stand at this time. More witnesses are scheduled to testify, including a medical examiner. Below is the original text from this story: The trial of a man accused of murdering his wife begins in the 49th District Court. Juan Francisco de Luna Vasquez is accused of killing Angelica Martinez inside her home. Vasquez had allegedly attacked and killed her with a hammer. Police say Vasquez confessed to the murder during an interview with investigators. He had been deported four times under different aliases prior to the murder. Out of the 75 people called for jury duty on Monday, 12 will hear the case against Vasquez. KGNS will have more information in our later newscasts.