Tropical, Then Wet and Chilly

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Tropical air is expanding back to the north across Texas, and will bring near 90F warmth Friday, and likely 90F+ heat Saturday and Sunday. A wave in the upper level wind flow will quickly move eastward across the northern Great Plains this weekend, followed by a surge of much cooler Canadian air southward, reaching our area toward dawn Monday. Aloft, above the arriving colder air, moist air will be flowing overhead. This will be a much cooler wet combination.

I'm expecting a slight chance of a shower tonight. Humid. Low in the low to mid 70's. Partly cloudy Friday through Sunday, highs near 90 Friday, above 90 Saturday and Sunday. Turning much cooler with patchy light rain Monday and Tuesday, temperatures dropping into the 50's. Mainly cloudy Wednesday and Thursday, highs in the 60's.