Masked suspects arrested after harassing woman

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The identities of the two men whose road rage towards a woman triggered a local high school’s lockdown have now been revealed.

Juan Manuel Valdez, age 19, and Luis Fernando Hernandez, age 18

Juan Manuel Valdez, age 19, and Luis Fernando Hernandez, age 18, were arrested and face harassment charges after the two followed a woman’s car for miles, all while masked.

The ordeal began on October 16th when a woman who was driving down San Bernando was almost involved in a motor vehicle accident with another car. The two suspects in the other car were not happy about the incident and put on Michael Myers masks to taunt the victim while following her.

The men continued to follow the frightened victim for several blocks, until she finally drove up to Martin High School and alerted school officials that she was being followed. The school was placed on lockdown for a total of 25 minutes.

The LISD Police Department intervened and were able to detain the suspects, now identified as Valdez and Hernandez. The Halloween masks were found inside the vehicle, and no weapons were found.

The Police Department and Laredo Independent School District add that thankfully, at no moment were the students under any real danger.

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