Two men convicted of kidnapping immigrants

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Two men affiliated with a prison gang have been arrested for the aggravated kidnapping of two immigrants.

Jesus Chaires, 19, and Angel Guerrero, 20, were charged with two counts of aggravated kidnapping, felony 1, and were sent to Webb County Jail.

Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar received information of an undocumented immigrant being held for ransom at a residence.

With assistance from Border Patrol, Sheriff Deputies conducted an investigation of the residence and came across two undocumented immigrants who had allegedly

The two men, aged 60 and 20, claimed to have come from Queretaro, Mexico and entered the United States on Monday night by crossing the river.

According to the immigrants, they reached an unknown highway where they were approached by an SUV, and two male subjects exited the vehicle holding assault rifles.

Chaires and Guerrero forced the victims into the vehicle at gunpoint and took them to the residence where they were held in a room for two days without food and forced to contact their families to send money to the suspects in order to be released.

According to the victims, their families had already sent $4,000 but the suspects demanded more money.

Chaires and Guerrero are confirmed to be affiliated with Hermanos Pistoleros Latinos, a prison gang.

"I thank the caller who reported the incident and I encourage the community and the citizens of Webb County to get involved in reporting crimes,” said Sheriff Cuellar. “I congratulate my team of investigators for their fast and diligent response. This is a perfect example why anonymous tips are not taken lightly. The welfare of the victims was at stake, and I am grateful that we had this outcome and able to arrest the suspects. Justice will be served.”

Sheriff Cuellar reminds the public to report any suspicious activity by calling 956-415-BUST (2878). All calls remain anonymous.

These photos reflect images found inside the house.