Attorney General looking into voter fraud complaint

Published: Apr. 20, 2018 at 2:01 PM CDT
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The investigation into possible voter fraud is moving forward as the Texas Secretary of State’s Office has requested help from the attorney general in reviewing the allegations.

The incident all stems from a complaint filed by Webb County Judge Tano Tijerina over possible mail in voter fraud.

In his complaint Judge Tijerina alleges that during last month’s primary, several hundred ballots by mail were fraudulently requested and submitted as part of a vote harvesting operation.

Tijerina says many ballots appeared to have come from neighborhood clusters and had identical handwriting, but some of the biggest concerns are from people who say they never signed for a mail in ballot but still showed they had received one.

Now even the county’s Republican Party Chairman says he welcomes the investigation.

Randy Blair with the Webb County Republican Party says, “I have been told for many years that a lot of ballots are sent to the retirement homes here in Laredo and that those ballots are either collected and voted on by somebody else or they never get to the individuals that had requested them. I don't even know if those people are requesting them.”

In a letter sent from the Secretary of State’s Office to the attorney general it states that after reviewing the submitted documentation, they believe the information regarding the offenses warrants a submission for criminal investigation.

It is not clear how soon any investigation would begin or if any specific political campaigns are being investigated.