TxDOT encouraging drivers to "End the Streak" of vehicle fatalities

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - It's been almost two decades since Texas roads have not had a deathless day and according to the Texas Department of Transportation, that’s a milestone we should not be making.

Since this day in the year 2000, there have been more than 66,000 deaths on Texas roadways.

A sad reminder that each of us must take safe driving seriously.

In an effort to “End the Streak” of deaths on Texas roadways, TXDOT is launching its “#EndTheStreak” campaign to bring awareness to drivers.

The initiative is meant to encourage drivers to drive responsibly without distractions and to end deaths on Texas roads and city streets before another life is cut short.

According to TxDOT, every year there are about 3,000 deaths on Texas roads.

The Laredo Police Department has been working around the clock in order to increase traffic enforcement.

This is something that investigator Joe Baeza says has been having a positive effect.

Officer Baeza says, the traffic division has done an outstanding job of hitting very high traffic areas such as Del Mar Cuatro Vientos and the Loop.

Baeza adds that last year there were over 30 fatalities.

TxDOT says the leading causes of deaths on Texas roads is alcohol, speed and failure to stay in one lane.

TxDOT and law enforcement agencies say that drivers can help reduce the deaths on the roads.

Authorities would like to remind drivers to use your seatbelt, pay attention, don’t text and drive, obey the speed limit and of course never drive under the influence.

The traveling public can help spread the word by using “#EndTheStreakTexas" and taking a selfie.