UISD Police conduct regular school safety drills

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A local high school conducts a new safety initiative which prompted concern from both parents and students.

These drills are known as "Safety Check Thursdays,” however district officials say these searches can happen at any time at all United ISD schools.

Thursday morning, United ISD Police Officers and security guards conducted a safety check at Alexander High School and the Alexander 9th grade campus.

Backpacks and personal belongings were searched in order to ensure the safety of their students.

Some students were unaware of the drill and contacted their parents out of fear that a possible shooter was on campus. However, district officials say they did reach out to parents ahead of the drill.

"They've been notified through our messenger, of course, this happening early first thing in the morning before students are coming into campus so the message is sent at that time, so they are a lot of students in that campus so it does take a while before they receive these messages but it’s just to kind of alert them that this is going on, on campus,” said Carmen Rendon, UISD communication specialist.

UISD says if something severe were to happen, they will notify the parents immediately.

District officials say this is the first of many safety checks they will conduct throughout all of their campuses during the school year.

Parents if you have any questions or concerns about the district-wide safety checks you can call United ISD at 473-6201.