UISD concerned about students vaping on campus

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Local schools are enforcing their code of conduct to keep students from using electronic cigarettes after their popularity has seen an increase in recent years.

Many students say they have witnessed several of their fellow peers using e-cigarettes in school, and sometimes it’s not just tobacco.

Students say users have also laced their e-cigarettes with marijuana along with other drugs.

E-cigarettes come in many different shapes and can sometimes look like pens or memory sticks, which makes it easy for them to sneak onto school property.

Currently both UISD and LISD prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes inside their schools, considering the act a serious offense, with disciplinary action including suspension; however, the consequences could be more severe if there’s illegal substances involved.

With schools seeing an increase in student vaping, it has become a hot topic during their board meetings.

Associate Superintendent Gloria Rendon says they are presenting information regarding vaping and e-cigarettes, not only about the disciplinary actions but the health related consequences as well.

Although the discussion was behind closed doors, United ISD officials could be making some changes to its disciplinary actions.