UISD Upgrading to Smart Boards

Published: Apr. 25, 2017 at 8:39 PM CDT
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UISD schools are wiping away the white boards and they are switching over to the latest technology.

In 2013 voters approved a UISD bond worth over 400 million dollars.

Eight million dollars of the bond is designated to fund interactive technology into pre-existing schools.

Students of Centeno Elementary got a chance to witness firsthand how this new technology will benefit them in the classroom.

Centeno Elementary received a brand new state of the art Smart Board.

The touch screen board is one of 900 being installed throughout the district.

The Smart Board along with it's smart software is not only updating the classrooms, but it's also motivating students.

Students got a chance to visit the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. without even leaving the classroom.

As the students took turns guiding the tour the rest of their classmates got to follow along at their desks.

Centeno Elementary teacher, Sophia Scruggs says the new technology is modernizing the common white board.

Even students are able to see the benefits of having the latest technology in the classroom.

Ms. Scruggs says from here on out, she sees grades getting better for everyone.

The new Smart Boards can be found in UISD's pre-k, third, fourth, and other grades as well.

UISD's newest 14 campuses that have been built or will be built in the near future will include the Smart Board technology in every classroom.