USMCA agreement means big business for our city

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Now that the U.S. Mexico Canada agreement has passed both the house and senate, Laredo officials can breathe a bit easier knowing the treaty is on its way to the president's desk.

For the most part, the USMCA opens Canadian dairy markets to American producers. It also creates stricter rules for auto part origins and requires at least 40% of the parts for a car to be produced in plants where workers make at least $16 an hour.

As for the trade industry along the border, local officials say it means big business.

"We see the growth in the import and export, but what it also means is that it reassures business investors that this is going to continue to grow, so that we possibly see more investment in growth/expansion in some of the development in town, with private companies, warehousing, transportation companies, and so for Laredo it means good things, possibly growth in the economy, strength in the economy... More employment, so it's good all around."

Conchas continued, saying the Laredo Chamber of Commerce will continue supporting the industry and promoting it to investors who want to partner with Laredo with trade initiatives.