Uber driver offers free rides for karaoke performance

(NBC) - When passengers get into one Ukrainian taxi, they are not asked about their destination, but instead, what song they’d like to sing.

On a quest to seek out new talent, an Uber driver in a central Ukraine City has equipped his car with a karaoke system and offers passengers free rides in exchange for performances of their favorite songs.

If a passenger agrees to share a tune, he gives them the equivalent of the fee charged by Uber in cash.

As his customers chant Ukrainian and international hits, Turko Records the performances and publishes them on his YouTube channel called 'Crazytaho Karaoke'.

The channel's name comes from Turko's time working as DJ at nightclubs, where he had the nickname 'Crazy'.

Unlike the famous Carpool Karaoke TV show, Turko said his aim was to give ordinary people a push and discover hidden talents, not only to entertain riders.