Texas Uber driver accused of stealing luggage from passenger

HOUSTON, TX (CNN) - An Uber passenger is seeking answers after he says his driver took off with his money, passport and belongings.

Hamid Beris needed a ride to the airport on Monday not so he called an Uber.

Beris says, “I said before going to the airport can we just got to my friend's house I want to say goodbye to him before going there."
Beris says he was heading to Iran for a medical procedure.

He packed his laptop, medical records and $8,000 in cash to pay for the surgery.

When Beris came back the driver had took off with all of his belongings inside the vehicle.

Beris says he spent all night trying to call the driver and the company.
The driver Keith did eventually answer and said he was frustrated with Beris as a passenger.

The driver said he took off and brought the luggage with everything inside back to the parking lot.

Luckily, Uber refunded his car ride and says the will look into refunding the cost of his plane ticket that he was unable to make.

The ride sharing service is still investigating the incident.