Unemployment goes up in Laredo

Published: Mar. 15, 2018 at 2:35 PM CDT
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January was not a good month for those looking for a job, as the unemployment rate in Laredo rose to a 3.9 percent.

The rate increased from December to January by .5 percent, which Workforce Solutions says they expected.

Experts say typically after the holiday season, they see a slight increase in unemployment.

The city is still at a healthy unemployment rate, since economists say anything below four percent is considered full employment.

Rogelio Trevino with Workforce Solutions "The numbers that we have right now, 3.9 percent, is still extremely low. The economist say that if you're below four percent really your economy is at full employment, because you're always going have a certain portion of your labor market that won't find employment because of lack of skills, or just because of certain things that impact them."

Trevino says they will continue preparing and working with individuals to ensure that the rate goes down.

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