Better Business Bureau warns of Valentine's Day scam

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- Despite it being the season of love, the Better Business Bureau is warning the public not to fall blindly for scammers who are taking advantage of vulnerable people seeking companionship.

Before falling head over heels with an online love match you may want to take into serious consideration if this person is real or not.

A local woman thought nothing of the love she found on an online dating site.

As the relationship started developing she tried to see him either in person or online but he would constantly make excuses.

Once he got her trust he found an opening to ask for money, by creating a fake storyline about his sick daughter.

She decided to help by giving him money, but she had a bad feeling.

She brought it by her friend and did a little research and realized she was being scammed.

Better Business Bureau Regional Manager Jason Meza says her experience is a prime example of the red flag that can deceive a person.

The BBB encourages the community to visit their website to find more information about these types of scams.

They say if you are a victim of this that you should call police immediately.