Veterans get their day in court

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- The Veterans Coalition had their day in court over the lawsuit against the City of Laredo and Webb County on the proposed veterans museum.

In August, the Veterans Coalition announced they were filing the lawsuit since there was no follow-through from both entities on an inter-local agreement that said they would create a veterans museum at the Farias Home.

The lawsuit against the City and County involved over 50 plaintiff's, which include veterans and Gold Stars Mothers.

Judge Monica Notzon decided to uphold the County and City's plea of jurisdiction, which means dismissing the case due to lack of subject matter.

In court, it was explained that the interlocal agreement is only between the City and the County, and the Veterans Coalition was in no way involved or even a third-party.

Therefore, the coalition has no say-so in how both entities proceed.

Hector Farias the property donor says he thinks it is good that this matter was brought the attention of the County, and adds that they will continue to receive a lot of pressure from the veterans to build the museum.

In September both the City and County said they would continue moving forward with the Farias Home as the site for the veterans museum.

Hector Farias says he's been contacted by County officials who say they're already in the process of designing the facility.