Veterinarians thaw out frozen cat

Kalispell, Montana (NBC) - Extreme cold weather is not only dangerous to humans, but also to animals and one Montana family had to find that out the hard way.

A family found their cat Fluffy frozen outside last week.

They took fluffy to their animal hospital unresponsive and encased in almost three inches of packed snow.

Luckily, Fluffy survived when vets at the clinic raised her body temperature using warm water, blow dryers, towels and intravenous fluids.

It took seven hours, but eventually, doctors were able to bring Fluffy's body temperature back to normal.

Fluffy’s owners weren’t home when she got stuck in the snow, so they are not exactly sure how it happened.

Luckily, she made it out just fine after spending a night in the E-R.

The three-year-old cat mostly stayed outdoors before, but now she’ll be staying inside where it’s warm.