Voter registration drive getting future voters to the polls

Published: Sep. 4, 2019 at 10:21 AM CDT
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Hundreds of local high school seniors are taking their first steps towards adulthood with tremendous strides.

Many of them have or will be turning 18 and with that comes the eligibility to vote.

Over 400 Nixon High School seniors signed their names on the voter registration cards; a first for many of the students who will be voting in the 2020 presidential race.

Nixon High School senior Amy Alvarez has been waiting for the day that she can exercise her right to vote.

Alvarez says she has been looking forward to voting ever since she was a little girl.

With November right around the corner, she and other students are gearing up for the ballot box, something that Alvarez believes young people should take advantage of.

Getting future young adults educated and involved with the democratic process has been Vidal M. Trevino Magnet School Director Dr. Martha Villarreal’s goal for a number of years.

Dr. Villarreal says the purpose of the initiative is getting our kids to understand the value and responsibility as citizens and the reason why we have a democracy.

This message is something that is already resonating with staff and students like Amy who are ready to make a difference.

Last year, VMT was able to get over 800 high school seniors registered to vote.

The voter registration drive will be stopping by other schools this week including Cigarroa and Martin High School.