Jalapeño Festival sees a record breaking amount of attendees

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - The WBCA festivities may be over and done with, but the city is still celebrating its success.

The City says it saw record breaking numbers for one of the WBCA’s biggest events.

A total of about 21,000 people stopped by the El Metro Park and Ride over the weekend to take part in the Jalapeño Festival.

The festival chairman, Fernando Montemayor says although they are still calculating the total numbers, they have definitely passed the average amount of people they usually see, which is about 13,000 to 14,000 people.

Montemayor says he believes the success was due to a number of reasons such as the music line-up, which brought in both younger and older generations, the nice weather, and the fact that they lowered the price this year.

The chairman says, "The WBCA is a non-profit organization. We try to give back to the community and so we wanted to make it affordable for the people, so we kept the price down and made it affordable for the people and we didn't raise the price the day of the show, which is something we've done previous years and so I think that that also helped because we had incredible gate sales."

Montemayor says although they are taking a break before planning the next festival, they did ask people at the festival who they would like to see next.

Montemayor adds that if anyone in the community would like to share their ideas, they can leave a message on the WBCA Facebook page.

The money raised at the WBCA events like the Jalapeno Festival go towards next year’s events like the parade and the airshow.