Waiter returns $400,000 check to customer who didn't tip

NEW YORK (NBC) - A waiter who was stiffed on a tip had a chance to turn the other cheek and that chance was worth over $400,000.

Waiter Armando Markaj was flagged down by a guest at the New York pizzeria where he works.

The woman was upset about the lack of women featured in pictures on the wall
Markaj says he attempted an answer with humor; however, the woman was unamused, and left behind only a note reading, "women don't tip either".

When the customer left, Markaj discovered that she left an envelope that contained a check for $434,000.

Some might have chosen payback, but Markaj took the high road and his boss tracked the woman down to return the money.

It turns out, it was her life savings she was using to buy a home.

The woman then apologized and thanked Markaj, offering him a tip, which he humbly refused.