Warm, Drier, lighter Wind Wednesday

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Warm humid winds are rushing north toward a storm system that will move east across Texas tonight and early Wednesday. The spreading of winds at altitudes where jets fly is producing a lot of rising air below in the lower atmosphere. A surface front is moving east across the state. The moisture, rising air, and front will all come together over west Texas, then central and northern Texas, producing strong thunderstorms. This will occur north of our part of the state. Lighter wind, dry and warm air will move into our area Wednesday with sunny skies. A cooler airmass from the Great Plains will move southward across the state, bringing cooler weather to south Texas beginning Friday.

I'm expecting windy tonight, wind gusts to 40 mph. Low in the high 60's. Sunny with lower humidity and lighter winds Wednesday, high in the upper 80's. Partly cloudy Thursday, high in the low 80's. Mostly cloudy and cooler Friday through Monday, a slight chance of a scattered shower Saturday and Monday, high in the 60's. Partly cloudy Tuesday, high in the 70's.