Warming Trend Begins Friday Afternoon

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Laredo A very dry cool airmass is still nearby, and will allow for temperatures to drop quite a bit by morning, mostly into the high 30's. As the cool dry airmass moves to our east, southerly winds will return with warmer, and by Sunday, more humid air from the gulf will arrive. Monday will be the warmest day of the 7 day forecast as air from the Mexican Plateau will arrive aloft. Although not reaching down to the surface, it will influence our weather enough to raise temperatures to near 90. Drier, and still warm air from the west will follow.

I'm expecting clear and cold tonight, low in the high 30's. Sunny with high thin cirrus in our skies, low humidity Friday, high in the mid 70's. Mostly sunny Saturday, high in the high 70's. Mostly sunny Sunday through Tuesday, highs above 80, near 90 Monday. Mostly sunny Wednesday and Thursday, low humidity, high in the high 70's.