Watching Disturbance in the Gulf

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A high pressure system is centered almost overhead aloft, most pronounced about 18,000' above the surface. This is bringing mainly sunny hot weather with lower afternoon humidity. The high pressure system aloft will dissipate tonight, and will allow somewhat more moist and buoyant air to move south into our area from central Texas. We will see more cumulus clouds in our skies, and a few of the clouds could grow tall enough to produce scattered or isolated showers between Wednesday and Friday. A disturbance which has entered the gulf may organize into a tropical cyclone Thursday or Friday. Most models suggest that the system will track clockwise around the west side of a high pressure system over the eastern gulf. If it follows this sort of track, it would curve northward over the weekend, too far to our east over Louisiana or east Texas to bring meaningful rain to our area. I will continue to watch this system.

I'm expecting the return of humid air tonight, low near 80. Partly cloudy Wednesday through Friday, a slight chance of isolated or scattered showers, high near 105 Wednesday, a little above 100 Thursday and Friday. Assuming the disturbance in the gulf curves into Louisiana or east Texas during the weekend, we will be partly cloudy Saturday through Tuesday, highs around 103 or 104.