Webb County working on "You'd Be Surprised" Campaign

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Webb County is looking to help visitors and residents when it comes to knowing what activities are available around the county.

Webb County Employees encompass over 3,000 square miles of south Texas and is considered the sixth largest county in the State of Texas; however, many people including locals are unsure of what the county provides.

Laredo Chamber of Commerce President Miguel Conchas says they were tasked with promoting Webb County as a tourist destination and they ran into some complications.

Conchas says when it comes to talking about a destination for people to visit, it’s difficult to promote.

One of the ways they are looking to overcome this is by creating an identity and an image for Webb County.

On Monday morning, the chamber along with PMDG Marketing Communications presented commissioners with the“You’d Be Surprised” campaign.

Conchas says the whole idea behind the campaign is that residents will be surprised at all of the many fun activities they can find in Webb County.

County Judge Tano Tijerina says he was proud to see how they were able to put a spotlight on the great qualities of the county.

Judge Tijerina says here in Webb County it seems like it’s always negative even when there’s a lot of beautiful things to do here.

As of now, the campaign will be marketed locally in magazines, social media and through a website but commissioners are hoping to expand that to other communities.

The Laredo Chamber of Commerce gets $150,000 every year through the county's hotel-motel funds, and they will use a portion of it, for the campaign.

The Laredo Chamber of Commerce says they will be kicking off the "You'd Be Surprised" Campaign on social media soon.