Webb County Jail reports increase in domestic violence

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The Webb County Jail is seeing an increase in domestic violence arrests.

According to District Five Councilwoman Nelly Vielma during a stakeholders conference, Sheriff Martin Cuellar mentioned he saw an increase in these types of cases.

The councilwoman followed up with the Laredo Police Department Chief and he tells her there's an 8% increase every year during Spring Break.

Officials say much of the increase isn't necessarily related to actual physical assault.

She says this year's trend might have a lot more factors coming into play.

"Losing the job, not having enough money, anxiety, the person's communication, being cooped up in a house, you know, patience with all the kids that are there and not in school, so there's a lot of factors that we need to take into consideration and help the families as well."

Vielma says the chief also informed her that there's a 40% increase in petty theft.